A fusion of tradition and modern thinking that

brings joy to children of all ages

The Spanish company ”Chupa Chups”, mostly known for the production of lollipops of all shapes and tastes, is nowadays a subsidiary of the Italian giant ”Perfetti Van Melle”.

Here are some interesting facts that have made Chupa Chups the most popular lollipop in the world:

• The first ”Chupa Chups” lollipop was produced in 1958. Its typical shape and popular logo, designed by Salvador Dali, make it renowned and beloved by several generations of children and teenagers in 150 countries.

• In 1995, the popularity of the lollipop, brings it all the way to the ”Mir” space station.

• Many famous stars such as Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Valentino Rossi and others have worked and work with Chupa Chups brand.

• In many countries the name of Chupa Chups has become a synonym for lollipop.

• In 2018 the most favorite of all kids lollipop Chupa Chups celebrates its 60th birthday.

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