iQ is the newest brand, which in 2019 became part of the large portfolio of Interfoods BG.

iQ, the smart choice!

iQ is a brand for light, sweet and savory snacks to eat between main meals. Snacks that are always at hand.

iQ products are for people who are in a hurry and do not have time, for those who know how to enjoy the moment, for those who value quality.

iQ offers croissants with a large selection of different fillings. IQ croissants have:
  • Fluffy dough,
  • RIch filling (30% of the product)
  • Unique and irresistible tastes.
  • Large size -110 g.

iQ also offers crispy wafer sticks “Twist Rolls” filled with soft cocoa cream with hazelnuts. A sweet temptation at any time.