Pasta and pasta-based products with

authentic Italian flavor.

  • Primo Gusto was introduced on the Bulgarian market more than 15 years ago and is presented with a rich assortment of high class Italian pasta.

  • In 2016, according to Nielsen market research, Primo Gusto ranks first on the Bulgarian market with the largest market share in volume, in the category of pasta (durum wheat).

  • With a rapidly growing base of loyal consumers, Primo Gusto offers a pasta of the highest quality solid wheat in over 85 different options. Various forms and types fit the chosen recipe and personal preferences. You will find both fun children’s forms and special types such as lasagna skins, cannelloni, couscous and many others. For even healthier choices, the range of whole-grain pasta is also available.

  • Primo Gusto premium quality products are a prerequisite for healthy, tasty, economical and easy-to-cook meals for the whole family or for individual nutrition.

  • Primo Gusto satisfies even the most demanding pasta lovers! Primo Gusto – a high class Italian pastа, the choice of most Bulgarians over any other brand!