Sole Mio

The sun on my table!

Great taste and guaranteed high quality products!

  • The new brand Sole Mio offers a wide assortment of spaghetti and pasta from selected varieties of 100% durum wheat. They have low fat and do not contain preservatives. They are also a source of protein, phosphorus and magnesium. They belong to the famous, healthy Mediterranean diet. Sole Mio also offers classic Italian sauces, including gluten-free and dry snacks, thus offering convenience and flavor, whether it’s a family’s daily nutritional needs, special occasions, or professional cuisine.

  • At Sole Mio we create a modern pasta combining harmoniously classic flavor with innovative production methods so you can even enjoy Quattro spaghetti with a unique square shape and Express products ready for just 4 minutes!

  • Our classic pasta sauces are created in Italy according to original recipes from the regions they come from and produced in modern conditions, following the latest innovations in preserving the nutritional properties of the various ingredients and the trends in healthy nutrition.

  • Another example of the philosophy applied in practice is the Sole Mio Sushi, made from the highest quality wheat in technology that is borrowed from homemade preparation. Sole Mio dryers are presented in comfortable, beautiful and modern packaging that keeps them crispy and fresh longer. So you always have something tasty and healthy to eat beside you.

  • Good food is one of the ingredients for a happy life and the key to good health, so Sole Mio creates a new style in balanced and healthy nutrition, and the delight of well-prepared dishes will make you and your loved ones really happy!